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Quality Pest Control in Shreveport and Surrounding Areas
Most homeowners insurance does not cover Termite Damage Repair, so call us today to get your home evaluated.
We protect your lawn from fleas, ticks, chiggers, and mosquitos to keep you and your pets free from annoying pests.
Bed Bugs are generally not something a homeowner can control, count on the experts at Redd Pest Control of Shreveport.
Don't let mosquitoes ruin your enjoyment of the outdoors. Let us take care of your mosquitoes today.
Pest Control
Fleas & Ticks
Bed Bugs

Redd Pest Control of Shreveport

Since 1990, Redd Pest Control of Shreveport has been the preferred pest control company for homes and businesses dealing with unwanted infestations. Shreveport, LA residents call us for a complete range of inside and outdoor pest removal services. From roaches to rodents, termites to ticks, we get rid of them all, using safe and humane practices whenever possible. Call us to ensure your property is pest-free in no time!

Comprehensive Interior and Exterior Pest Control in Shreveport, LA

When you need the help of a professional exterminator in Shreveport, LA, Redd Pest Control of Shreveport is the only name to call. For over three decades, we’ve delivered peace of mind to home and business owners in the Shreveport area with efficient, effective and safe pest control solutions that cover just about any nuisance pest that can plague your property.
Our full range of pest control solutions keeps your property pest-free, both inside and out. We get rid of general nuisance pests that are common to our region, including roaches, spiders, fire ants, silverfish and more. We’re also highly skilled at ridding homes of the most resilient pests like termites and bed bugs. Dealing with mosquitoes outside your property? We’ll get rid of those, too, so you can enjoy your time in your own backyard. No matter what pest you’re dealing with, we’ve got the right approach to handling them.

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We also remove pests of the animal variety, including rodents. Our humane rodent control solutions ensure these nuisance and disease-carrying pests make themselves at home somewhere else. We also use an integrated pest control approach to safeguard your home against recurring infestations. That includes looking for entry points into your home and closing them up tight, so rodents and wildlife look elsewhere for shelter.

If we don’t solve your pest issues on our first visit, our team will gladly return at no expense to make things right. That’s our worry-free guarantee! Let us show you why we provide the best-quality pest control in the Shreveport area. Contact us today for a free consultation.

  • Our worry-free guarantee ensures your pest problem is dealt with right, the first time.
  • We always work to customize safe and effective treatment solutions for every client.
  • We use the safest possible chemicals and humane pest removal techniques.
  • Our treatments can significantly reduce the mosquito population around your home.
  • Our proven three-step process removes rodents and prevents them from coming back.

Pests Don’t Stand a Chance

If you’re dealing with pests at your property, Redd Pest Control of Shreveport is here to help. Contact us today to schedule service and let our professionals do the rest to eradicate your pest problem.

Our Pest Control Services In Shreveport-Bossier City

Household Pests

Call for treatment and say goodbye to ants, roaches, spiders & mice!

Bed Bug Treatments

Get 100% effective bedbug treatments for
your home. 
Call Us Today For All Your Pest Control Needs at : (318) 687-7252

The Authority In Household Pest Control

Pests inside your home or business is often a sign of an even greater problem. Our job is not complete until we find the root of your infestations and stop them once and for all. We also have numerous treatment options available to meet all your everyday needs and concerns.

If we do not solve your pest issues on our first visit, our team will gladly return at our expense to make things right. That’s our worry-free guarantee. Let us show you why we provide the top pest control Shreveport, LA has to offer.

Who We Are:

Shreveport-Bossier City's Most Trusted Pest Control Professionals
While it may sound strange, exterminators are also animal lovers. Think of us as pest psychologists- we study their needs and behavior to quickly, affordably solve your pest problems. We want what’s best for your family and Mother Nature alike. 

Our team will always strive to customize safe and effective treatment solutions for your residential or business property. Since 1990, Redd Pest Control has been providing world-class professionalism and service. We consider it a privilege to solve all your pest control needs.
Call Us Today For All Your Pest Control Needs at: (318) 687-7252

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are pest control chemicals safe around my family?

Our treatments are people and pet friendly. We use barrier treatments around your home's outside perimeter before pests have a chance to come inside.

How quickly will I see results from treatment?

For common pest types, you should begin seeing positive results within 24-48 hours after treatment. It may take up to two weeks for mice or insects to be eradicated completely.

How do I know when to call an exterminator?

If you notice a small ant or pest problem, there’s no reason to panic. Common household treatments may work. Call us immediately if the infestation grows larger since there’s probably a larger issue that you can’t see.

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