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Mosquito Control In Shreveport

Expert Mosquito Control in Shreveport-Bossier City


Mosquito bites and irritation can not only make them annoying but also carry diseases like Zika Virus, West Nile Virus, and Dengue. Your Redd Pest Control of Shreveport team can help you reduce the mosquito population around your home.


We have a team of highly trained technicians who can provide exceptional service, which results in a significant decrease in mosquito population. Our proven products provide lasting mosquito control Shreveport, LA leans on. This means that you only need fewer visits. Our service allows your family to spend more time outdoors without worrying much about mosquitoes.

These tips and guidelines will help you reduce the risk of mosquitoes on and around your property:

  1. Regularly clean your pool and keep it chlorinated. You should also clean the pool covers which can collect water and other debris.
  2. Anything that could collect water should be thrown away or stored. These items should be stored upside down if they are frequently used.
  3. Sprinklers should be adjusted to avoid overwatering as this can make it easier for mosquito breeding.
  4. To control mosquito larvae, treat standing water. Plant ornamental ponds with mosquito-eating fish like goldfish, western mosquito-fish, and guppies.
  5. Check your roof for leaks. Also, check for outdoor faucets or air conditioner units that are leaking. To eliminate standing water, repair any leaks.
  6. To prevent water accumulation, seal any tree stumps or holes with mortar or sealant.
mosquito control Shreveport

Lower your chances of getting bitten:

  • Know when mosquito activity is at its peak (at dawn and dusk), and teach your family how to protect yourself during these hours.
  • You should wear clothing that covers your body. This includes long-sleeved shirts and long pants, as well as socks.
  • Use a repellent with an EPA-registered active component like picaridin or DEET. Follow all label instructions. Use repellents with less than 10% DEET for children.
  • To prevent mosquitoes entering your home, close all windows and doors.
  • Maintain your property and lawn. Mosquitoes love to lie in weeds and brush that collect water.
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