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Flea & Tick Removal

Fleas and ticks can be a year round problem here in the deep South as temperatures don’t get low enough for a long enough period of time to slow them down.

In the deep South, fleas and ticks can be a year-round problem. Temperatures just don’t get cold enough for long enough to slow them down. If you’re noticing fleas jumping on both you and your pet, you need to have your home and yard treated. 

Have a problem with fleas or ticks at your property? Don’t hesitate to call in the experts at Redd Pest Control of Shreveport. We’re the professionals you can rely on for flea and tick control in the greater Shreveport, LA area, and we’ll rid your property of these nuisance pests for good.

Interior and Exterior Flea and Tick Control

As the experts in fleas and tick removal in Shreveport, LA, we use a special tank mix system to kill adult fleas and prevent new hatchlings from taking over your yard. All products we use are safe to touch after they’re dry. Inside the home, we use a treatment that minimizes your daily disruption during the treatment.

The Dangers of Fleas and Ticks

Noticing your pets picking up ticks when they go outside? Ticks can be dangerous to the health of both you and your pets. They spread serious diseases like Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, tularemia and ehrlichiosis. 

Eliminating ticks is a difficult task that’s best left to trained and experienced professionals. Our tick control services remove these nuisance pests from your property once and for all, so you and your pets can enjoy your yard worry-free once again.

Say Goodbye to Fleas and Ticks Today

If you have nuisance pests like fleas or ticks at your property, call Redd Pest Control of Shreveport to get rid of them right away. Our proven treatment methods rid your home and yard of fleas and tick infestations for good. Call us today at 318-687-7252 to schedule service. 

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