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We Believe in Pest Free Stonewall Homes

At Redd Pest Control, our goal is to keep your home free of bugs and creepy crawlies. We know you don't want them there, and we don't either. Our professionals are always available in the Stonewall, Bossier City, and Haughton areas to help with ants, rodents, termites, and more.

Taking care of your pest control problems in a safe and effective manner is our top priority. When we’re called on, we will show up ready with the latest tools and education as well as our experience to solve your problem efficiently.


Our Pest Control Services In Stonewall City

Household Pests

Get rid of any ants, roaches, spiders & mice in your home today and obtain quarterly treatments to keep it that way.

Bed Bug Treatments

Obtain a bed bug treatment in your Stonewall City home that's 100% effective, and rest easy fast.

Termite Removal

Eliminate termite infestations through inspections and treatments to ensure your home is safe and stable for years to come.

Fleas & Ticks

Protect your Stonewall City lawn from fleas, ticks, and chiggers to keep your family pest-free with lawn treatments.

Mosquito Control

Enjoy your yard again and keep these disease-carrying pests away from your family with our mosquito reduction program.

Call Us Today For All Your Pest Control Needs at (318) 687-7252

Call Us Today For All Your Pest Control Needs at:

The Stonewall City Household Pest Control Authority

Finding the root of your pest problem is just as important as treating the problem itself. That's why we find why your infestation is happening and take care of that issue before we call it done. Our numerous treatment options ensure that every need and concern can be addressed right away.

If we do not solve your pest issues on our first visit, our team will gladly return at our expense to make things right. That's our worry-free guarantee.

Who We Are: Stonewall City's Best Pest Control Professionals

We are animal lovers that want to keep everyone happy and in their own homes for your family and mother nature alike. That's why our team studies pest needs and behaviors. With over 30 years of world-class experience, we aim to safely and effectively solve your pest problems by using a balance of product and exclusion.

Call Us Today For All Your Pest Control Needs at (318) 687-7252

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