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Bed Bugs Can Infest at Anytime But There Is an Increase in the Hottest Months

Bed bugs are not dangerous, but they are nasty little critters that turn the stomachs of anyone who finds them, or worse, finds bites and traces of the vampiric bugs on their body.

Many people ask the question: Are bed bugs worse in the summer? And the answer is yes. Bed bugs are insects and insects, like most critters on this planet, have seasons and rhythms to their lives. They are less active in the winter, and at their peak during the hottest months of the year, during the mating and consuming season.

The fact that travel and hotel stays increase during these months is fortunate for the bed bugs, and not so much for the humans whose vacations are disrupted by these nasty itch-inducing critters.

Keys to Reduce Bed Bug Exposure While Traveling

  • Know the signs and actively look for them before you settle into the room. Bed bug signs include reddish-brown spots on the wall (bug feces/blood they consumed). And, of course, actual bugs hidden behind picture frames, the headboard, or wooden elements of the bed. You can do this search in under five minutes. If you see anything that makes you uncomfortable, report it to the front desk and demand a new room or refund.
  • If you did not see any signs of bed bugs before your first night, then it is still a good idea to know the signs of their bites. If the infestation is new, then the evidence may be sparse. Bed bug bites are little red dots that show up in rows as the bug crawls across your skin sampling. While the bite itself is not harmful, secondary infections are common due to scratching at them.
  • If you are on your guard, then sleeping away from home does not have to be a huge risk for bed bugs, but you do have to be on your guard. Bed bug risk in hotels and other people's homes is not just a risk to your skin from the bites, they can travel back to your home in your luggage.

Tips to Reduce and Eliminate Bed Bug Risk at Home

  • Keep your eyes out for the signs of bed bugs. Any smudge on your wall should be inspected and identified, especially in bedrooms.
  • After traveling, put luggage in quarantine in the garage or someplace set aside until you wash the items inside and check all the crevices. Bed bugs are tiny and like tight spots, so they may be hard to see.
  • If you do see any traces of bugs or bites, then immediately call us for pest control services. Bed bugs can be extremely difficult to get rid of on your own because of their habit of hiding in the tiniest spots and because of their breeding habits.

If you have seen any evidence at all of bed bugs in your home, contact us at Redd Pest Control. We provide year-round pest control services. Bed bugs and summer time peak together, and we want to make sure you nip the bug in the bud before it becomes an infestation.


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