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How Do I Get Rid Of Fleas In My Home?

Effectively Eliminate the Fleas Inside Your Home by Following These Tips

Fleas are among the most troublesome pests that could enter your home. Aside from pestering your pets, fleas can also pose a threat to your health. They can pass on diseases to humans that can potentially be quite serious.

To put it simply, you do not want any fleas staying inside your home. How do I get rid of fleas in my home, you ask?

Detailed below are some of the most effective ways to remove fleas from home. Try them out and see how well they reduce the flea population inside your household.

Treat Your Pets for Fleas

The fleas inside your house may have gotten in after hitching a ride on your pet. It’s hard to deny them entry when they’re getting in that way because they can easily hide in your pet’s coat.

Since the fleas are getting inside your home with your pet’s unwilling assistance, your aim should be to remove that entry point. That means treating your pet for fleas.

Bathe them regularly to remove any fleas hiding in their coat. Once you’re done with the bath, you can comb your pet’s fur in search of fleas. Be as thorough as you can be to remove all the fleas hiding in your pet’s fur.

You can also brush your pet’s fur even if they’re not fresh out of a bath. Using a flea collar can also help discourage fleas from clinging to your pet’s body.

Remove Fleas Hiding in Breeding Areas

Aside from your pet’s fur, there are other spots inside your home that fleas like to use for hiding. Those spots include your pet’s bed, carpets and pieces of furniture.

Your aim now should be to remove the fleas from those areas.

Make it a habit to regularly wash your pet’s bedding so fleas cannot stay there. You can also look to replace the bedding if you think too many fleas have taken up residence in there.

As for your carpet and furniture, you will need to use a vacuum cleaner on them. Connect the right attachment to your vacuum cleaner and use that to remove fleas that may be hiding in your carpet or couch. Vacuuming regularly should stop fleas from taking over your home.

Also, you should consider vacuuming any spots on your floor that have openings. Fleas like staying in those kinds of spots, too, so don’t forget to vacuum them.

Maintain Your Yard

You may have done enough to remove the fleas inside your home, but you cannot forget about the pests waiting just beyond your doors.

To get rid of fleas staying in your yard, you need to maintain that part of your home. Mow your lawn regularly so the fleas cannot hide in the grass. While you’re at it, you should also remove any items in your yard that fleas can hide in.

You can also use lemon juice or rosemary extract to douse your doors so fleas stay away from your home. Those substances naturally repel fleas, so go ahead and use them outside.

Fleas should not be permanent residents inside your home. By using the tips we’ve detailed in this article, you should be able to free your home from those pests for good!


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