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How to Know If Your Home Has Termites

termite damage

As a homeowner, nothing can send spine-tingling waves across your body like finding evidence of termites. Over 600k homes are destroyed every year in the US by termites. The mayhem and termite damage caused by these irritating bugs can decimate bank accounts as well as entire homes. Here, we provide insight on what to look for in order to catch the situation before it starts.

Flaky Paint

If you start to notice areas on the wall where the paint looks water damaged, and you feel confident there has not been any moisture, this might be a sign that termites have moved into your place.

Condition of Wood

Even when you're not suspicious of termites and just interested in the maintenance of the whole building, it helps to do informal inspections of your property. Knock on wood, not just for good luck, but to get an idea of how it sounds. If it comes back hollow, that might be an indicator of termite damage.

Mud Tubes

This is one you would likely see with an outdoor visual scan during that informal inspection. What looks like trails of dirt or mud leading down the side of the house in a veiny pattern are most likely signs of termites.

Droppings and Wings

Be careful to notice the ground around the house. While these pesky bugs are blazing through the wood, they are getting rid of their droppings through holes they punch into the walls. What you will want to look for is something similar to sawdust. Another thing to keep an eye out for while inspecting the ground would be pairs of wings. These are coming from the swarms.

Noisy Floorboards

It is not uncommon to find floorboards that squeak when you walk on them, especially in older homes. However, pay attention to how loud the noise has become. If you notice the creaks are exceedingly louder than they once were, that might be the sound of termite damage.

While there are a handful of other ways to discover that termites have decided to make your home their dinner for the foreseeable future, these are some of the most obvious ones. If you come across any of these tell-tale signs, call a professional as soon as possible. They will be able to get the problem under control and help prevent future swarms.

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