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What Are the Signs I May Have Bed Bugs?

Are you experiencing skin irritation and itching? Do you notice small bumps or possible bite marks on your skin? Have you recently hosted guests, gone on a trip, or picked up some second-hand items? Bedbugs in your home are almost impossible to detect if you aren't looking for them — until they start biting.

If you do find bedbugs, professional extermination is recommended. There are also more than a few reasons to seek professional assistance when dealing with this far too familiar pest.

Do You Have Bedbugs in Your Home?

Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to eliminate the possibility of contracting bed bugs, as these parasitic little tormentors travel well and are always looking for the next warm host and dark place to hide.

If you are itching and finding bites, look closely. Are they in a line or tiny clusters? Are they located near your joints, armpits, or on other warm areas of the body? If they are, you may need to take a closer look at your bedding or consult a professional exterminator.

The good news is, if detected, the problem can be remedied in fairly short order, and that is also one reason why professional extermination is recommended if you encounter these unwanted, unwelcome, and bothersome insects.

You may or may not need a magnifying glass to detect them, but they are tiny, with a burnt red color to the eye. They are also wingless and in most cases, aside from irritation and itching, fairly harmless. In some cases, however, they have caused an allergic reaction. Additionally, another concern is that bedbugs are recognized as disease-carrying insects too.

Get Professional Extermination Services

Bedbugs in your home? It isn't your fault, and there is help. You're at risk of bites from bedbugs in places where people often come and go, such as apartment buildings, dorm rooms, homeless shelters, hotels, cruise ships, trains, buses, and refugee camps.

Simply put, we all may encounter this problematic nuisance at some point. The key is to not wait and to seek the help of professional exterminators like Redd Pest Control. Minimize the risk of an allergic reaction or picking up a disease from these dirty tiny transient insects, and get the help you need.

If you think you might have bed bugs or need an exterminator for anything from mosquitos to fleas to ticks and rodents, we can help. Contact our professional and experienced team of extermination technicians at Redd Pest Control for more information or to schedule a visit today.


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