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What Can I Do To Keep Mice From Getting Into My House?

Are you dealing with a mouse problem in your home? Mice can gain entry to any home through the smallest hole or crack in the base of your home. Many times, you may not even be aware that any small cracks or holes exist until you end up with a mouse infestation. So, if you have a mouse infestation issue, we are here to explain exactly how you can get rid of these small pests.

How To Get Rid of Mice

Before we dive into different ways to get rid of mice, you should know that mice proliferate quickly. This means that they can reproduce at a rapid pace. Mice are attracted to the indoors because they are seeking food, shelter, and places to birth their babies. There are a number of things you can do to eliminate mice.

Eliminate any Food in the Open 

Mice will practically feed on almost anything, such as pet food and dry goods, and even chew through metal storage. The best way to keep them from eating the food in your home is to place it in containers they cannot chew through. Do not leave any food out in the open, and be sure that you wipe away any spills right away. This tactic must be done continuously if you notice mice.

Ensure All Access Points Are Secured

As the weather begins to turn colder, mice will begin to find their way inside. This means that they can find any small crack or hole to fit into to gain entry into your house. Be sure to seal any holes as best as possible with duct tape or caulk. Additionally, you may want to try and contact a pest control professional if you are having trouble locating entry points in and around your home. A professional has the ability to easily spot these areas.

Purchase Organic Mouse Repellent

If you are considering getting rid of the mice on your own before you call in a professional, consider purchasing an organic mouse repellent. The smell will usually deter mice since their sense of smell is powerful. If you are wondering what natural ingredients are available, you can try apple cider vinegar and water, hot pepper and dish soap, and even fabric softener sheets. Any of these solutions should be sprayed or stuffed directly at the entry points.

Purchase Mice Traps

Mice traps are effective in getting rid of mice and can be purchased at your local hardware store. If you notice mice around your kitchen, in your laundry room, or even in the pantry, set these traps in those areas.

If you choose, you can even add cheese or peanut butter to the traps as a way to lure the mice.

Essential Oils Deter Mice

Since mice dislike strong smells, you can use essential oils to your advantage. If you don’t have any lying around your home, you can purchase essential oils such as clove or peppermint oil from your local store. This tip should be combined with other methods for the best results.


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