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Pest-Free Garage: 5 Top Tips

 Let's admit it, garages see far much less upkeep and maintenance than the inside of our homes. And as long as your garage doesn't see much a shadow of a broom, the more at risk it is to pests settling in and also calling it home. So, here are 5 steps to a pest-free garage that would help you say goodbye to pests, crawlers, as well as rats in your garage once and for all -- before they find their way inside your home.

Pests love staying inside our homes for the same reasons we do: shelter, food, water, and safety. And with these conditions, it is enough to call it home. Bugs such as roaches, spiders, fire ants, silverfish, and flies would all be too happy and set up camp in your garage.

Less-than-pleasant weather conditions can send rodents, birds, as well as raccoons trying to find far better digs, and crawlers are fans of mostly undisturbed locations for them to spin their webs. Regardless of what pest it is, you can be sure they would enjoy being in your garage because you have actually got what they're searching for.


Prepared to get out and take on these pests? Following a few straightforward steps can be the distinction between a garage that gives you much needed peace of mind and a total pest infestation problem.

Step 1: Safely Store Your Things

When we hastily put things into the back of the garage until the next season, we unintentionally encourage these pests to make those piles of equipment their brand-new house. Airtight bags and also boxes are a pest-free garage's buddy.

After tucking away toys, gears, and tools in sealed containers, make sure that you keep them on racks or pallets to limit accessibility to shelter-seeking pests. Things kept off the ground not just lower their exposure to moisture, they make it a lot harder for bugs to gain access.

Step 2: Make The Necessary Repairs

Those parasites got in somehow, but it isn't always because of an opened up garage door. Look for possible cracks in your garage's perimeter, sealing up any kind of holes in the walls and structure with silicone caulking. It may be time to change any type of worn-out seals or stripping around doors as well as windows. When you're done sealing, be careful to leave the doors open just as long as needed when in use so these pests can not just stroll casually inside.

Step 3: Prevent Pests From Entry

The very best defense is a good offense in both sports and pest control. Many deterrents function to inhibit, confuse, and even frighten pests away. They are also available in a variety of types such as sprays, oils, liquid solutions, and even in powder form. If you're not sure which deterrent may work best for you and your garage, contact a pest control expert to figure out the most effective course of action for you.

Step 4: Clean Your Garage

Many garages remain in dire need of a good tidying up and cleaning. Keeping your garage clean can make a significant difference in making sure pests stay out. Clean up any spills and sweep up any crumbs as they might be attracting starving bugs or rats. Make use of cleaning solutions to complete the job, because even the lingering smell of food can lure these pests with the promise of a meal. In the event that you do need to keep food in the garage, always utilize airtight containers and keep the food on a rack off the ground. If you keep trash containers inside the garage, also use tight-fitting covers and elevate their receptacles if you can. 

Step 5: Use Lure or Traps

 If preventative steps alone aren't sufficient to keep you a pest-free garage, get some bait and traps from your local home improvement store, and use these to catch as well as dispose of these pests. It is essential to recognize what pests are living in your garage so you can direct your control efforts most efficiently. Follow label guidelines and check/replace traps regularly.

Finally, if you need any help with evicting unwanted pests from your garage, contact our pest control experts at Redd Pest Control of Shreveport. We are a team of trained professionals, able to identify invading pests, layout a personalized pest control strategy, and get results. Do not let another day go by while bugs invade any part of your residence.

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