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Termite Treatment Options For Your Home

The first step in prevention is to be on the alert for termites. Termites rarely emerge from soil, mud tubes, or food sources through which they are tunneling. Most people are not aware they have termites until they see a swarm or come across damage during construction. Some people actually get termites before they see any damage. Therefore, prevention should be taken seriously even if you spot some termite swarm in your home.

Prevention methods

The main objective of the prevention process is to prevent termites from attaining space on the structure by the homeowner. But, it must be noted that not all cases of termite problems will be detected during the building stage. Prevention may involve the use of pesticides or other termite-control methods. These options will involve the physical removal of termites or their exclusion from the building.


There are two types of treatment used for the treatment of termites. One is the use of liquid pesticides that are injected into the soil to reach the termites' nest. The other type is the fumigation of the entire building, which is usually an automatic process that will get rid of termites within 24 hours.

* Liquid pesticides
* Fumigation
* Heat
* Electro-shock

Liquid pesticides are injected into the soil to reach termites' nests, which are often located in the soil underneath the house. Liquid pesticides are injected into the soil that is dug from the house foundation to the trench and is spread through the trench. Liquid pesticides are injected at the entrance of the trench and at the sides of the trench. The trench will be maintained with liquid pesticides to be reached through the trench. Liquid pesticides contain insecticides that will not harm humans, pets, and wildlife. A trench of this kind can be dug in the ground in such a way that the insects are killed within four to five days. Liquid pesticides are effective against subterranean termites and dry wood termites.

Fumigation is a system that may be used as a preventative system in order to exclude termites from attaining the structure. The use of this system includes the construction of a double trench on the ground floor and basement of the house to prevent the termites from entering the house through the basement. This system may also be used on the ground floor and basement to prevent them from attaining the house. This trenching system is the first line of defense against termites. The trenching system, however, will only work if the trench is deep enough. This trenching system is not very effective in the presence of loose dirt under the house.


Heat treatment is a means to treat the wood with heat. The heat treatment involves the use of steam injection at places where there is a connection with the soil. This steam treatment will allow the termites to leave the wood and escape. The wood will start to melt and the termites will escape. The heating of the wood will allow the termites to escape if the wood is treated with heat.

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